Govt. of AP Recognized
No: L.Dis No: 10379/A5/2011
C.B.S.E Reg. No: 843-1314
Maples Tots (Playgroup - Nursery)
At Maples Tots, we have incorporated Monetessori and Play-Way methods that give a strong emotional support to the child.
Maples Kids (PP II -  Grade IV)
Entering Kingdergarten is an exciting experience for children. Its their first big step into formal eduction.
The LD (Language Development Programme)
Maples offers a specialized LD programme to students or Nursery to Grade X designed to improve and polished their comunication skills.
Maples High (Grade V - Grade X)
Maples High comprises grades V to X. Learning from this level onwards is not only inter-disciplinary in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning.
Co-curricular activities play a very important role in education, widening its scope and making it meaningful. They enhance the child’s zeal to learn and make their academic activities even more interesting. The school organizes a variety of activities like debate, elocution, music, dance, painting, and inter-school competitions. Every child in every class is given the opportunity to choose and take part in an activity of his liking. Talents are constantly developed and children get an opportunity to display them during CCA periods, Sports day, School Annual Day and at various inter-school competitions.
Inter-House competitions like Drawing and Painting, Clay Molding, Dancing, Singing, GK Quiz, Debates and Elocutions are held at least once or twice a month so as to channelize the children’s creative and intellectual skills positively and foster a healthy competitive team spirit.
Field Trips & Outings
In accordance with the concepts that students learn in their classrooms, we take them outdoors to super markets, bus & railway station, post-office, etc. so that they get a hands-on learning experience and the feel of the “real” world.
Festival Celebration
At Maples, we make every effort to celebrate each festival and special occasion in the traditional way so that the children are made aware of our rich and varied cultural heritage.
Seminars and Workshops
These are organized for the parents wherein we invite specialists like dieticians, child psychologists etc. to conduct lectures on topics related to children's health and positive parenting
Special Days and Events
An integral part of children’s academic life is the celebration of special days like Annual Day, Sports Day, Graduation Day, etc wherein their parents, friends and peers can applaud them for showcasing their talents and achievements.