Govt. of AP Recognized
No: L.Dis No: 10379/A5/2011
C.B.S.E Reg. No: 843-1314
Maples Tots (Playgroup - Nursery)
At Maples Tots, we have incorporated Monetessori and Play-Way methods that give a strong emotional support to the child.
Maples Kids (PP II -  Grade IV)
Entering Kingdergarten is an exciting experience for children. Its their first big step into formal eduction.
The LD (Language Development Programme)
Maples offers a specialized LD programme to students or Nursery to Grade X designed to improve and polished their comunication skills.
Maples High (Grade V - Grade X)
Maples High comprises grades V to X. Learning from this level onwards is not only inter-disciplinary in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning.
Maples Kids – Where Learning Comes thru' Exploring! (PP l to Grade lV)
Entering Kindergarten is an exciting experience for children. It's their first big step into formal education. We, at Maples Kids, understand that these years of school are of crucial importance. The Kindergarten sets the tone for the entire schooling years of the child. The curriculum is designed to offer learning and play opportunities for our children that support and enhance their creativity, discovery, and exploration.
As they transit from Kindergarten into the first stages of formal school, the objective of the curriculum is to help every child appreciate and understand as much as s/he can of the human achievement in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and the arts. Focus is on preparation of every child to face the world of rapid change and unforeseeable demands High academic levels are maintained right from the lower classes to enable the students to face the challenges of the outside world confidently and competitively.
Maximum learning happens during the early years of a child’s life where his mind is open to new ideas. A unique quality of Maples Kids is to bring out every child’s individual talents, strengths and abilities. We sow the seeds of confidence, leadership, love for learning, the will to face life’s challenges and ability to win. With character as the primary foundation knowledge and skills are built, brick by brick, for an evolution towards ultimate creativity and intellect.
With a mission to establish a one-of-its-kind school we provide a healthy academic environment with a CBSE curriculum that works in the direction of lessening stress for students. We focus not only on examinations, tests and academics but more importantly on the holistic development of the child that helps in making him a more confident individual. The emphasis is on value based education, total personality development, grooming of leadership qualities, scholastic excellence, fine arts, performing arts, environmental concern, social commitment and sportsmanship.
Activity Based Teaching
The innovative teaching methodology developed and practiced by Maples is a confluence of elements like interactive class room learning, computer aided techniques, learning with nature, audio visual presentations, project-work, practical experiments, creative writing, extensive reading, nurturing of artistic creativity. Techniques that move away from the "traditional chalk and talk" method are adopted. Focus is on methodology that children can learn by doing.
Extra Curricular Activities
Maples focuses on the students ability to produce creative ideas that work. Numerous skills that are not taught within the four walls of the classroom are inculcated through activities like Dance, Music, Skating, Karate, Art & Craft etc.
Young Explorers
We also pay special attention to extra curricular activities like Dance and Music that facilitate all-round personality development and provide an enjoyable channel to the children’s creative energy.
Innovative Learning Resources
The infrastructure and facilities provided are of high standards. The classrooms are well ventilated and spacious. Students have the advantage of using the facilities of well designed modern Brain Gym, Maths Lab, Computer Lab, and well equipped Library.
Inspiring and Guiding Teachers
The classrooms at NHPS have students and teachers brimming with enthusiasm and energy. Every teacher goes beyond academics and channelises the energy of the students positively. Guidance in critical thinking and openness of approach to the learning process makes the classroom experience inspiring and motivating. The student to teacher ratio is 1:20, which enables the teachers to give personal and customized attention to each child. Slow learners are provided extra attention by dedicating extra hours so that they join the mainstream at the earliest.
Maples Fun Club
We have hobby classes for Classical Dance, Music, Karate and Creative Arts in the evening at the school campus. This is an open stage for the children to showcase their inherent talents.