Govt. of AP Recognized
No: L.Dis No: 10379/A5/2011
C.B.S.E Reg. No: 843-1314
Maples Tots (Playgroup - Nursery)
At Maples Tots, we have incorporated Monetessori and Play-Way methods that give a strong emotional support to the child.
Maples Kids (PP II -  Grade IV)
Entering Kingdergarten is an exciting experience for children. Its their first big step into formal eduction.
The LD (Language Development Programme)
Maples offers a specialized LD programme to students or Nursery to Grade X designed to improve and polished their comunication skills.
Maples High (Grade V - Grade X)
Maples High comprises grades V to X. Learning from this level onwards is not only inter-disciplinary in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning.
Maples Tots – Where Learning Comes thru' Playing!
At Maples Tots, we have incorporated Montessori and Play-Way methods that give a strong emotional support to the child, keeping in mind that this is probably his first day outside the cozy comfort of his home. Here, children are absolutely at home in the environs of the school where they find ample opportunities for both, learning and playing, as well as acquiring the tools for good conduct and living. Maples Tots emphasizes on overall child development through age-appropriate learning activities. The teachers are trained in early childhood development and the school is designed and well equipped to meet the particular needs of children.
The ambience in Maples Tots makes it a fun-place for a child to be in. The classrooms are well furnished with age-appropriate seating arrangements. The kids have ready access to audio visual learning aids like CD players, mural graphics and large illustrative and decorative pictures on the walls.
We use toys and equipment that are completely safe and non-toxic. Child-friendly, they help in building the child’s abilities and help him grow.
Individual Attention
The student to teacher ratio is comfortable and optimum that enables teachers to give individual and personal attention. Teachers adopt the roles of “second mother” and nurture the children with their love and care.
Extra Curricular Activities
We also pay special attention to extra curricular activities like Dance and Music that facilitate all-round personality development and provide an enjoyable channel to the children’s creative energy.
Unique Teaching Pattern
The basic teaching pattern followed at Maples Tots is the European “play-way” methodology – where learning is interactive and involves enticing toys and games, engaging stories and teaching aids. We implement the Multi-Sensorial and Kinesthetic approach to teaching. A child needs to ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘touch’, ‘explore’, and ‘enjoy’ to learn and understand the world around him/her. In order to stimulate a child’s imagination, we provide opportunities for the child to grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. The curriculum is theme-based and reinforces the concepts taught in class through activities like:
Montessori Activities
Art and Craft Activities
Clay Molding
Audio – Visual Sessions
Story Telling with the help of puppets
Dramatization and Role Play
Group Activities and Concept Games
Physical and Outdoor Activities