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Govt. of AP Recognized
No: L.Dis No: 10379/A5/2011
C.B.S.E Reg. No: 843-1314
Maples Tots (Playgroup - Nursery)
At Maples Tots, we have incorporated Monetessori and Play-Way methods that give a strong emotional support to the child.
Maples Kids (PP II -  Grade IV)
Entering Kingdergarten is an exciting experience for children. Its their first big step into formal eduction.
The LD (Language Development Programme)
Maples offers a specialized LD programme to students or Nursery to Grade X designed to improve and polished their comunication skills.
Maples High (Grade V - Grade X)
Maples High comprises grades V to X. Learning from this level onwards is not only inter-disciplinary in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning.
Parent's Speak
We are very glad that we made a right decision to join my kid in Maples.
By- Murali Krishna
Exteremely satisfied with the performance & the improvement that I had seen in my ward.Thanks to Maples team.Keep it up.
By- Wasudeo Gohate
Snkeerth has improved a lot , not only in academics but in all other aspects also.Thanks to the school for grooming him in the right way.
By- B.Srinivas
Extremely satisfied reg. all aspects.Please continue with the good work, that you are doing.Thank you.
By- Joseph Anthony
Started communicating in English.Very good progress.Special thanks to the teachers.
By- Nagendra
The school is very good, as it gives a lot of academic & extra-curricular insights to my kid.
By- Dhanunjaya Manohar
Very good caring, personal attention & overall growth of kids.
By- Sanjay Agarwal
Very happy with the school reg. the care & attention that they give to our kids. The school is really good in all ways.
By- Mohana Rao Kotni
I am happy with the way he has been taken care.Very good balance between academics & extra-curricular activities.
By- V.Murali
Very good in all aspects.Fairly, spacious playground.Good team of teachers.
By- P.Jwala Ramesh
Individual attention by the teachers in each of the classes have helped groom and motivate my kids to display their inner self more openly in academic and extra curricular activities. Thanks to all the efforts by the staff.
By- Alok Ranjan Mandal